Lots of Music Stops - Network Extender Helped

Hi Dylan.

I’ve almost solved a dropout issue that’s had me on the run for at least a fortnight.

In short:

1 Initially, I ran Roon on an old MacMini. OK but lots of music stops. Thought it was too old, old OS, underpowered. Tried changing DNS lookup from Sky default to Google’s and Slight improvement.

2 Ported Roon backup to my MacBook Pro and run Roon server there. Again, a little better, but still lots of stops.

3 Tried re-booting both Macs when in use, re-set router (Sky Broadband), changed router channel, re-set the Mac’s PRAM, reduced quality levels requested from Qobuz and Tidal. Fiddled with Roon setups. Tried running Tidal app only - improved to around 85%. Tried running Qobuz app only still <50%. Spotify always OK and no drop outs, but not high quality.

4 Eventually started investigating wi-fi in-house and bought a network extender. Roon now waaaaay better, Tidal around 100%, but Qobuz still either dropping out and more often failing to load the next track.

FYI, I’m using Roon on my MacBook Pro, with control either via that Mac as a desktop task, or iPhone. Also using a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer over network to Roon server.

Hi @Paul_Perton,

When these dropouts occur, what audio zones do you play back to?
Do they occur when you output to your Mac Mini’s internal speakers or iPhone speakers as well?

Generally, we advise against using ISP provided routers, as we have often seen them provide sub-par performance, as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices Guide.

If you want to try to temporarily use a standard consumer-grade router instead, this may greatly help with the issues you are seeing.

If you are using WiFi for the Core, then connecting the Core via Ethernet is another great test to rule out WiFi interference.

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