Lots of Qobuz and Tidal artwork not showing up

We are stumbling onto an issue where a lot of cover Art from Qobuz and Tidal is missing. I can supply the RoonServer_log.

Hi, @Christiaan, thank you for your report. Could you, please, share more info about your setup?

  • On which machine is core Roon Core running.
  • Which devices are affected by that issue? All remotes?
  • Share an archive with Roon logs from your core?



Hi Ivan, thank you for the fast response! I am asking on behalf of a client. The problem is with a Taiko SGM Extreme Music Server and the issue is with all Remotes.

I do have the log but don’t see a method to upload it with the ticket.

Hi @ivan

I tried sending the log via WeTransfer but it looks like the Roon forum does not accept the link. Please let me know how I should proceed. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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Hi @ivan Can you please get back to me on this matter?

Hi, @Christiaan, sorry for the late reply. Could you, please, provide an illustration of the issue from any of your remote devices and share the details of your network setup?



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Hi Ivan, Thanks for getting back to me. I just heard back from the client and it is working again. Apparently, it was a problem on the streaming service end. This ticket can be closed:-)

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