Lou Reed " RCA & Arista Remastered Album Collection "

Purchased this album via HiResAudio and noticed that when all tracks are displayed in Audirvana they are split into their respective album name so is easy enough to scroll down to an album and play. Once the album is identified in Roon it will split the collection into 17 discs. However if you wanted to play a particular album you would have to do a bit research to identify which disc number it was. Is it not possible for Roon to at least display all tracks the way Audirvana does? or am I missing something.

At the moment, you cannot name the individual discs. I personally split collections up into their individual albums, and then add a comment in the version line that indicates the collection it is part of.

Like this.

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Have done this before to be honest but was hoping to avoid tediously working through 17 Discs but have now done the task and backed up straight after just in case. At least done it in bed listening to some good modern Female blues artist with a coffee or two.