Loud "pop" when playing an album downloaded from HDtracks (352khz)

I downloaded the 352khz version from HDtracks. I get a loud pop at the beginning of each track, very annoying. I’ve turned off all DSP and anything I can think of that might be the cause, without luck.

Also, the files will not play on my Fiio X5 Gen2. Another person is having the same problem and posted this on the Fiio Support Forum:
Maybe a problem with the codec?
I checked all my files I downloaded from HDtracks, they were all encoded using “FLAC reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917”, except for the “I Robot”-Files: FLAC Lavf57.34.103

Is there a newer CODEC to download that might correct the problem?

Maybe @support could have a look.

The loud pop at the start of each track sounds like the FLAC download may have been sourced as a PCM conversion from DSD.



I also have this issue. Happens in Roon and Audirvana.

FWIW I downloaded the AIFF version.

I am going to complain to HD Tracks as this was expensive and disappointing!

Hi @J_William_Truett ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us, the feedback is appreciated!

Moving forward, would you be able to supply a copy of the media in question so we can try to test with it in house? A dropbox download link in a PM addressed to me would be very appreciated. Let me know.


Some other observations from Win10 machine:
Groove Music App plays files without pop
PowerDVD16 plays files with pop
VLC 2.2.6 crashes

Hi All

HD Tracks support have advised it’s a problem with the source files and they have requested replacements…


I also noticed that this is far, far too quiet - and see a rather odd looking wave form displaying in Roon…

When I played the Tidal version the volume is not an issue.

If this has been an DSD to PCM conversion, is this to be expected? Are they better just providing the DSD version?

Have just downloaded the replacement files and the glitches are gone.

The squashed waveform and low volume still persists though…

Anyone able to explain to me why this could be and whether it is expected behaviour with 24/352 files?

OK so Google says… DSD is 6db lower than PCM - so this must of been a DSD > PCM conversion which explains the lower volume.

No biggy will crank up tonight and enjoy!