Loud Pop with new Nucleus+

I received my Roon Nucleus+ yesterday to replace a MacBook running as a a core. Downstream is an MBL N31 and other MBL components. I played a few tracks via Tidal to confirm everything was working and then transferred my library over to Nucleus+.

I played and track from a ripped CD (44/16 PCM) but then 9 seconds into the second track, I heard a loud pop. I’ve played a few more tracks at a very low volume and so far no repeat. I assume this will be hard to troubleshoot unless it repeats but am open to advice.

As a test , have you played the same track again and the loud pop happens at the same place?
If not try it and see if it does. If it does do it at the same point it could be a duff rip.

I did try that and it did not reproduce

Hi @Patrick_Demasco,

We can definitely assist in tracking this down with you.

If you would, please note a date/time/track played if the issue occurs again. I will be able to look at diagnostics and figure out what Roon saw as happening.