Loud pops when Roon switches tracks playing Redbook, hi rez, etc

Signal is lostless. Playing through ASIO zone, which is the only one that works.
Been playing flawlessly. Seems like this may have started with the recent update, not sure.

Try setting the “Resync Delay” setting to something higher–500ms is a good starting point. This sometimes smooths things out when down-stream hardware isn’t able to switch formats as quickly as we do. This page has more comprehensive documentation on audio settings in Roon.

Thanks, Brian, but this is not a problem when switching formats, it’s a problem pop when going from one track to the next in the same format on the same CD, etc.

Hello @stephen_dunn,

Would you mind to give us more info about your DAC and how it was set up in Roon (feel free to use this FAQ topic as a guide).
Is this happening to the certain albums/file formats or you can reproduce the issue with any track in your library ?


Hello Vova,
My DAC is a PS Audio Directstream connected to a Music Vault music server via AES/EBU. It was set up in Roon through Windows 7. The trouble started after I updated to Roon 1.2.
The loud pop occurs between every track regardless of album, file format, etc.
Thanks for your help.

Hey @stephen_dunn – sorry for the slow response here. If you’re still having this issue, would you be able to take a file or two that is having this issue and upload it somewhere (like Dropbox?) In Dropbox, you just need to right click the folder to share the link.

Just send me a link in a private message and we’ll get back to you once we’ve tested the files on a similar setup. Thanks!