Loudspeaker for kitchen & co

Hello together,

I’m still looking for a speaker that I can put in the kitchen, for example, so that I do not have to turn up my system too much in the adjacent living room.

I have looked: Among the roon ready devices are probably only the Bluesound Flex 2i with 350 euros and the B+W Formation Flex with 450 E the cheapest.

Who has practical experience with additional speakers and can possibly also recommend me a working device that is “only” roon tested, but is cheaper in price?

Thank you very much for your answers.

Greeting from Ansgar

I hate to say it again, but I have a Google Home Mini in my kitchen. Works as a timer, can feed me recipes when I need it, and Roon can play on it just fine, even the pause - resume - louder - softer - next - previous voice commands work.

$50 US or less.

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If you are interested in a device that does not monitor/record what you say: Try one or a pair of used SONOS Play:1. (The Play:1 is the “old” model, but still available.)
They sound better and play louder than you might think and work flawless with Roon.

Only downside imho: SONOS zones can not be grouped together with non-SONOS endpoints. But you can transfer the sound, so when moving into the kitchen you transfer your music from the living room, and when moving back, you transfer back again.

I have a Sonos Roam which works very well as a Roon endpoint. It is portable and rechargeable, so I can take it from bedroom to kitchen or outside, Sound quality is good, and apart from being a Roon endpoint it can be voice controlled with Alexa and hooks into BBC Sounds, Qobuz, TuneIn Radio, Amazon HD and all sorts. And Bluetooth for the garden, Sounds much better than you would expect for the size. There is a larger portable MOVE, and wired models.

I’ve had good results from the Elac Discovery Z3, single box Roon Ready. I had Ethernet added in the Kitchen and the Z3 works very well. Added a second one in the Bedroom to replace my PC/Audioquest Cobalt dac. The price varies, got the last 1 for 299.00 from Elac.

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I use a JBL Link 20.
It’s chromecast based so Roon sees it and also your Google home network assistant too.
Works off voice commands if needed.

Fully portable, it holds a charge for quite a while, plays louder than I need it too and is surprisingly mid Fi in SQ.
I generally use it outside and around the pool/ hot tub area.
It’s wifi range is very good and it has Bluetooth as well.
At least in the USA they are cheap as chips, between $50 and $70 used.

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Bluesound Pulse Mini… Thats what I use… Perfect

I’d certainly recommend the Sonos Roam - this thing is awesome. So many connection options, and sounds fabulous.