Am I the only one that think :heart: is a bit to limited?
I know it is possible to use tags, but would it not be nice if the art of :heart: marking was a bit more refined?
In my opinion :heart::+1::person_shrugging::-1: would cover most of my needs.

:heart: - Love, my absolute favourites, can put on any time and never get tired of it
:+1: - Like, not my absolute favourite, but I really like this, can definitely listen to this again
:person_shrugging: - Meh, I do not dislike it, but I do not like it either. Does not give me much, but I dont mind it.
:-1: - Neh, I dislike it, do not want to play this again, like ever

Would it be possible to get this as an option in roon, just as :heart: works today? I am guessing it would make it possible to create even better personalized suggestions and radio as well?

…Or maybe you have a perfect system already and want to share how you deal with the songs you appreciate the most and how you organize your library.


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Isn’t this what the rating stars can be used for? I doubt they do anything for automatic suggestions and maybe they should, but at least they can give you graded ratings for yourself

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yeah you can change the rating to personalize it

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 5.49.50 PM

and then it’s in blue and overrides the editorial rating

I guess you can use stars too, but in my setup I dont see any possibility to use starts from the quick menu (three dots) when a track is playing. I see an option to add a tag and :heart:, but maybe there is a setting to change that? I guess my main issue is that I want a really quick and easy way to differentiate between tracks I “love” and tracks I “like”

Right, stars are only for albums and not available for tracks. You didn’t mention tracks and I think in albums :slight_smile:

I see, sounds like stars may be the way to go then, just can’t figure out if it is possible to rate directly from what is currently playing. Otherwise I probably will end up not using it in the end

Ah…had a feeling it might be something like that. Would like to establish some best practices for my library and preferably I would like to have a quick way to rate both songs and albums