Love Will Tear Us Apart 2020 single

I cannot get this to add to Roon. It reverts to a 1995 version. Can you please help??
It should be:

LWTUA (2020)
These Days (2020)
LWTUA (Pennine)(2020)


Yup! I get this:

Dragged and dropped into Roon. (???)

from HD Tracks

@Jim_F May I ask where you got your files? Roon WILL NOT import them properly, I even tried importing them individually and adding a folder. WTH?

While in Roon Overview, I searched on “Love Will Tear Us Apart 2020”

I had to add them individually and then edit the metadata. Weird!

I didn’t try adding them to my library. I just clicked on the first song to play it and did screen shot while it was playing.

Just added to library from both Tidal and Qobuz with no issues.

That must be why. I bought from hdtracks and that seems to be the difference.

Do you have either Tidal or Qobuz?

No I don’t.