Loving the trial but one thing stopping me committing

I’m really impressed and very much enjoying the trial, I’m on the verge of purchasing but there is one thing that’s putting me off.

I have my main setup at home, however I sync my music library to portable disk and use that in work where I obviously don’t have my NAS available.

If I’m reading the docs correctly, this means I’d need to have two licenses, even though only one of the sync’d library’s is ever going to be in use at once. Is that the case? If so it makes it a total no goer for me, already pushing my ‘sensible’ budget to get a single license!

You can have one license and easily move it back and forth between locations:

Thanks that’s great news, it’s a shame the library edits can’t be copied/sync’d between the two.

Well, bear in mind that @mike 's original message was written a while back. Now with version 1.3 of Roon, it is possible to take automatic backups, and I believe that this can be used to synchronise your edits between copies of databases.