Low level noise with 1.2 on remote on Win 10 pro laptop

I have successfully updated to 1.2 on my main Mac Mini plus remote Lenovo Win 10 pro laptop. The issue I am having is that on the laptop, when playing back locally through the laptop audio system, I get low level noise in addition to music itself.

I have set exclusive mode and tried both the system output and the Realtek HD directly. When I pause the music, the low level noise continues then stops after about 10 seconds. This is repeatable - any ideas what could be causing this / what settings to change?



Hey @JCD,

That sounds very strange, we have plenty of laptops with Realtek HD sound card in our test lab but nothing similar is happening with them. Would you mind to share your Roon logs with us, so we can check what is happening there. I’ll contact you via PM.