Low playback volume of imported CDs

Hi everyone. I noticed that the volume of imported CDs is significantly lower than playing the same track via an online streaming service e.g. Tidal.

I am using Exact Audio Copy and exporting a lossless version but when I play the same exact track on a streaming service, everything sounds louder. Am i missing something?

I don’t think you’re missing anything unless you’re accidentally doing some normalization during the rip. I haven’t noticed a huge difference between ripped CDs and tracks from Qobuz, but you can always use volume levelling. I use it with my office setup because I shuffle a large playlist and it works great.

Hi @Antonis_Anastassiad1, and welcome to the Roon forums. One thing that you might be missing here is the certainty that you’re listening to the “same exact track”. Your CD rip may be a subtlety different version or even a different mastering altogether. Comparing contemporary recordings where few variants are available is one way to mitigate this.

Edit This got me thinking/reading a bit. These are both interesting articles that give some background.

The prevalent worry is that your mix will be too loud, and streaming services will reduce the volume. Little talk of volume increases, if any but that’s not a definitive answer. There’s even a tool to check whether a track will be affected:

That’s probably more information than you wanted :wink:

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I am listening to the same mastered Until it sleeps by Metallica and when i play it from qobuz it sounds much louder from qobuz. Again this seems to be happening with ios roon app only

It seems to be the case only when I compare the playback volume from the iPhone roon arc app vs playing the same track directly from tidal or qobuz app

Volume leveling is enabled by default in the ARC app. Check the settings in ARC.

Note that volume leveling set to Auto or Album does not change the volume relationships within an album but it tends to reduce the volume overall


That did it thanks! :grinning:


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