Low Signal quality from Masters track

I am playing MQA tracks from Tidal on my Nucleus HDMI A output. For some reason Roon is telling me the signal path is Low Quality. Any idea why this may be the case?

Hi @Blaine_Bulger,

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path so we can take a look?


Thanks for the screenshot, @Blaine_Bulger!

If you go to Settings > Services > TIDAL can you confirm what the quality settings are set to?

Thanks for the reply. Quality is high

It should be ‘Master’, not ‘High’.

I agree. On my computer I have that option. When I work on another computer that is using a Nucleus core and a different Tidal account, the only options in that drop down are Normal and High

I’d guess the associated Tidal account you are signed into isn’t ‘Premium’ or ‘HiFi’ like yours.

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Hi @Blaine_Bulger,

I see the Mark’s reply was marked as the solution and I just wanted to follow up and confirm that this ended up being an issue with the TIDAL account that was in use. If you have any questions please let us know!

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