Lower album and track count

When I click “Albums” and “Tracks” from the “Overview” page the number of albums and tracks displayed under the middle/top title is less. The difference does not appear to relate to those saved from my streaming service (Qobuz), as they are included in the lower total (tested by Focus>Format>Qobuz). I’ve already done a library clean up.

The difference is probably hidden tracks and albums. If you go to Settings>General and select “Show hidden tracks and albums” the numbers should match.

You are right - it’s the duplicates, i.e. a local mp3 file and Quobuz.

I went to great length to merge these albums, which has resulted in the Qobuz version only showing in the Album view. This is what I wanted. It’s a bit illogical that the album/track count ignores this don’t you think?

Can’t say I ever really thought about it, but logic does not always prevail with Roon. I guess you could think of the overview number is the total count of your library, and the album view as the number you’ve chosen to display.