LP Support (huh?)

I know that at first blush asking for LP support sounds counter intuitive - or just plain stupid. Roon plays digital music. But…

I was reviewing this thread, thinking about Roon’s greatest features. And for me it’s reviewing my music, exploring Roon’s many, wonderful hyperlinks that let me explore my music. And I don’t always do this while actively listening to music. Sometimes it’s just quietly exploring. It’s tremendous fun, but is also always somewhat disappointing. That’s because I know that it is based on just a portion of my music collection. The experience completely ignores my LP’s. And that’s too bad, because most of my absolute favorite music is in vinyl, not digital files.

I would love to be able to “explore” my vinyl too. Not play it - that’s clearly impossible from Roon. Just explore.

Granted, one solution to this is to rip all of my vinyl. And I’ve done that to several hundred albums. But I haven’t ripped them all because the time investment is nuts. It took a year - on and off - to rip the limited selection that I did.

The other solution would be for Roon to allow the manual entry - or even selection off a database - of an album that it has not found in my digital library. That would then be something in my collection, for Roon to recognize, analyze, and create hyperlinks from. From an end user’s perspective, it would be music that Roon recognized that I “have”, it’s just not playable. Then I could happily explore ALL of my music. :smile:

Oh BTW - I know that Roon Labs has a lot of priority work do to right now. And I do not for a moment think this should go high on that list. I just wanted to get this out there as a possible feature for future consideration, after development slows down.

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Sounds a good idea

Thanks Dan!

After posting I realized that I had forgotten to mention something, and it’s part of why I feel this should be a low priority…

Roon already accommodates this need - to a large extent - by virtue of the size of Tidal’s catalog. So I’ve already looked up all of my non-ripped LP’s in Tidal’s catalog. And for those albums that Tidal had, I added them to my collection. And that’s REALLY cool because not only does Roon know about my affinity for that album, but I can play it from Roon too! :+1:

However, that effort had a 73% hit rate - I found the LP in Tidal 73% of the time. And while that’s pretty darn good, there’s still that 25+ percent that Roon does not know about, and that I cannot “explore”.