LPC error when attempting to integrate Roon with MC25 over DLNA

Hello, all, including @dylan.

Homeaudiofidelity (https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/english/plugin/) has developed a plug-in to reduce room resonances. Because it is not a convolution filter (it operates in the time domain), it can’t be loaded into Roon. However, it, along with HAF’s convolution filters, load fine into JRiver’s MC25.

My desire therefore is to use Roon to control playback through MC25 over DLNA, as my DAC, a Bel Canto Streamer, only has ethernet for an input and not USB (and anyway, I have found that ethernet sounds better than a USB connection).

My setup:

Roon and MC25 are running on a Windows Server 2019 core PC with Audiophile Optimizer. As noted above, I have a Bel Canto Streamer which is ethernet connected to both Roon and MC25.

The attached photos tell the story of what is going on in MC25:

  1. JRiver 1 shows the main JRiver page and the Bel Canto Streamer appears as Bel Streamer.

  2. JRiver 2 is what I see when I am selected on Bel Streamer and pick Tools/Options. As those of you familiar, the Bel Canto Streamer must be controlled not through the Audio function but under Media Network.

  3. JRiver 3 of course shows the main Media Network page.

  4. JRiver 4 is what I see when I click on Add or Configure DLNA Servers.

  5. JRiver 5 is what I see when I click on DSP Studio. You can see the standard output format. Output encoding was listed as 4X DSD so I changed to None.

  6. JRiver 6 shows that I successfully installed the 64 bit VST for HAF’s Room Shaper.

  7. JRiver 7 shows that I’ve installed the HAF convolution cfg file for the Bel Canto Streamer. Homeaudiofidelity recommends that the Room Shaper run ahead of the convolution filters, so that is why I have them ordered as such on the list.

  8. JRiver 8 is back at the main screen and here, I have right clicked on the Bel Streamer to reveal the ability to associate with the CAPSZuma (my core server name) for the Bel Stream DLNA (matching to what you saw in Tools/Options/Media Network/DSP Studio).

  9. JRiver 9 shows the LPC track that self-appeared when I play a track in Roon.

Meanwhile, over in Roon:

  1. Roon 1 shows my core server and the endpoints showing up for it. Note that I have named one of the ASIO endpoints Bel Canto Streamer (MC). Before renaming that endpoint, it specifically showed that one as JRiver Media Center 25, so I’m sure it’s the right one.

  2. Roon 2 and Roon 3 show my device setup in Roon for the endpoint in question.

  3. Roon 4 shows what happens when I play a track through this new endpoint (we’ll get to what it looks like in JRiver coming up). You will see that the track itself shows that it is playing. However, the track counter at the bottom doesn’t move – it stays at zero. No music coming out of speakers when the system is set to the Bel Canto Streamer. (Returning to my regular Bel Canto Streamer endpoint in Roon, of course, has music playing out as normal, so I know I’m on the right input on my preamp).

  4. Roon 5 shows the signal path.

Thierry at Homeaudiofidelity comments that he believes that MC25 is blocking Roon when MC25 is not playing directly to the input flux (the LPC track) to a DAC but to the network. He notes that the setup I show here works for him when plugging a DAC directly to the computer but Roon stops for him when he chooses the DLNA server in MC25.

To forestall the question, I should note that before turning to MC25, I attempted, with Thierry’s help, to use a virtual audio cable to link Roon and MC25 through FooBar2000. Best we can tell, something odd in Windows Server 2019, as compared to W10, causes the foo_record function (record://) to fail. So, that didn’t work.

So, does the Roon support team or anyone else have some ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks much. JCR

Hi @Jeffrey_Robbins - Thanks for the detailed report!

First, I was hoping you might be able to confirm whether or not this behavior is exclusive to Roon — Are other apps able to use the JRiver ASIO driver without issue?

@dylan, thanks for jumping on this. Can you give me an example of another app I should try to demonstrate your point one way or the other? JCR

Hi @dylan. In the intervening time, Thierry from HomeAudioFidelity has run a test for us, to wit:

“I made a test with Foobar as player and got the same problem as Roon with this error message “Unrecoverable playback error: Timeout”

So the issue is within JRiver.

In JRiver, I tried to link (group zone) an USB DAC with ethernet streaming and there is no more error message from Foobar (no timeout) but no sound either from the USB DAC or from the ethernet device…”

This may suggest that there is nothing that Roon can do on its end to solve my issue, although I am very open to suggestions.

To put on simpler terms what I want to accomplish, this would be the signal path:

Roon => JRiver ASIO interface => JRiver DSP => ethernet stream to Bel Canto DAC

You probably got that already. Thanks. JCR

Hi @Jeffrey_Robbins,

Thanks for the update!

Hmm… Yes, it definitely seems like something is happening with the JRiver ASIO driver here. If this driver is working properly Roon should be able to play to it without any issue. You might want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the JRiver ASIO driver and see if that helps here.

Hi @dylan. That did not. However, there’s now a robust discussion of the issue over at the JRiver forum. Seems the issue I pose is a known JRiver problem. Any thoughts from the Roon team after looking at the comments in this JRiver thread?

I suppose one answer is whether Roon could take on time domain filters in addition to convolution ones. JCR


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