LPS - bound by your decision - lack of flexibility

So far I have nothing in my setup with an LPS. I have bought a good switch mode power supply from Mean Well (medical/hospital grade).

The problem with LPS, is that you are stuck with your choice. Why?

Let’s assume your buy an Farad 3 (5 volt version) to power an FMC with 5 volt. To month later “you fall in love” with an FMC from StarTech (12 volt). Than you can’t use your 600 EURO Farad 3. So when you have bought an LPS you better not change your setup (higher or lover volt)

Would it be the same case with a switch mode power supply? In some cases yes. But a good on cost 40 EURO. There are some good switch mode power supply where you can adjust 5,7,9 or 12 volt. But they cost 600-700 EURO.

The above is just an example.

Please correct me if I have misunderstood something :slight_smile:


There are LPS with multiple/adjustable output voltages.

What Kal said. ^^

The other thing you have to look at with any power supply is the amps it is capable of delivering. Just because the Volts match your needs, if the PS only can deliver a maximum of 1.5 amps, and you have a new device that is 5V but needs 3 amps you’re still out of luck reusing that supply - linear or not.


I see an upside for certain parties

Absolutely right - that is a second challenge

You can send a Farad Super 3 back to change the voltage.
You can sell it on, they go for good prices.
You can potentially make the changes yourself if you know how.
You don’t care because you are wealthy and tell the Butler to order a new one!

That wasn’t hard, was it? :wink:

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:slight_smile: They are both on holiday :slight_smile:

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@ksalno - But more amps would not be a problem? If you have a power supply that the delivers 12 V/DC 5 A but you only need 12 V/DC 2,5 A?

Have a nice WE

That is correct. A device will only draw the amps it needs, so having more is okay but having not enough can lead to problems and erratic behavior.

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