LPS replacement

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By the website, its ambiguous to state the V and A for replacement power supply, as there is a range 12-19v. Does it mean I can use from 12v to 19v, but with what minimum A for the nucleus. Or can you let me know the minimum W I need to fulfill. Thank you.

It says 60W@19V, and Power=Voltage x Current, which calculates to 3.16A.
At 12V it’ll be 5A.


Always give yourself room below if possible. This allows for voltage sag in the event the PSU regulation isn’t as good as it should be. So 15 to 19v ideally. 12v if you have lots of headroom with current or the PSU is very good.


I use a 19V-4A RMS supply for my N+. It is capable of short term delivery of at least 2x that figure, possibly more.

Nice knowing that simply is not a bottleneck for stability.

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