LS50 Metas vs. R3s vs. Q950s for 2-ch Stereo

Question for the group: I have a KEF home theater setup in a 14x16 room and the system includes KEF 950 towers. Love the system.

I also put the towers to double-duty to act as stereo speakers in a separate 2-ch stereo setup in my room (SVS SP-3000 sub; Parasound p6 pre-amp/Parasound A21+ amp; Lumin U1 Mini streamer; Chord Hugo TT2 DAC).

I was thinking that I might have a (much?) better sound if I got a pair of LS50 Metas or R3s for the room and dedicated them exclusively to my 2-ch music system.

Does anyone have experience with all of the 950s and the R3s and the Metas to know if that’d be the case? Of course, one way to find out, but thought I’d check with the group to see if I’m going in the right direction.