LS50 Wireless II lost RAAT connection

Hi, it was great LS50WII finally Roon ready, and I have enjoyed it more than before since then, how ever, from today, I lost my LS50 Wii in roon ready connection, airplay and Chromecast still there. I have reboot the speakers, roon core few times and also my routers, but problem remain the same, anyone experience this issue? Cheers.

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lets see what @Ben_Hagens Ben has to offer on this one.

In my case the connection is lost momentarily (3-4 secs) after a brief reduction in volume. This happens every minute or so when connected via Roon but not when using the KEF app. The speakers connect to Wi-Fi via 2.4GHz rather than 5 GHz which is available. Is this a factor?

This problem now occurs using the KEF app and Roon and often results in complete wireless disconnection. The wi-fi source is via a BT Home mesh system and throughout this problem the BT Home app displays a solid 5GHz wireless connection with the speakers.

If I connect the speakers to the BT Home disc by Ethernet cable the problem disappears. The disc itself connects back to the hub wirelessly so I assume that it’s the speakers’ wireless connectivity or processing of wireless data that’s at fault.

I have submitted a support request to KEF and await a reply.