LS50W II MQA Stuttering and Stopping

Core Machine
<WIndows 10 i5 16GB Ram–>

Network Details

Audio Devices
< Kef LS50 II Wireless>

Library Size


Description of Issue

MQA causes my LS50WII to stutter or stop. This happens only with Roon. I can use Tidal direct without issue.

So far to troubleshoot I have replaced the core with 2 different new Windows Systems and 1 Linux system. Restored databases and also started fresh to make sure it wasn’t the restore. I even reset the LS50 to factory defaults and Wired the direct to Ethernet as well. Nothing fixes the issues and I am very frustrated. This just started occurring over the past 2 weeks. I have had no issues prior.

Hello @Richard_Norton,

I am so sorry that our first interaction is this one :sob: .

It would have been so much better to get the chance to welcome you to our community 15 days ago. I am so sorry for our delayed reply… :pleading_face: .

We’d love to help even if this late. If you’d like to continue troubleshooting with us (thank you for trying all the steps you’ve mentioned - we appreciate the effort), could you please confirm:

  • is it only MQA files that cause this behavior?
  • does this happen if you stream to system output?
  • would it be possible to send us a screenshot of the Signal Path?
  • could you please give us some more information about your network, especially the model of your router.

Thanks so much :pray: