LS50W not showing as roon endpoint

I updated my firmware and now I can see the LS50W as a possible audio zone but it’s not showing as an official Roon endpoint the way my DCS Rossini DAC and also Bluesound Node 2i does. This means I can’t group these zones together. I have been trying to figure out how to get all my zones to place nice together for a while now and it seems like I can in the least add a Node to any of my systems and this will work, though the longterm immunity from pausing and dropouts remains to be seen. I can say I never have any issue with the Rossini DAC dropping or pausing. I just want to be able to group my 6 zones in any and all combinations I wish. I thought the Kef LS50W was capable of being a roon endpoint all by itself via wifi with no other boxes connected. Maybe I’m wrong about this?

The LS50W does not run RAAT. The hardware wasn’t up to it. As a result you won’t be able to group it with full RAAT endpoints.

OK thanks. Good to know. I guess I’ll have to add something that will and use the optical input on the LS50

It is capable of exactly that… however… you can’t group the Kefs with another zone due to the fact they don’t offer full RAAT support.

I use mine via wireless for critical listening, and I use my old Sonos via optical to group them with other Sonos in the house.