LS50W Remote buttons + Roon

(Copy of this post in the KEF catagory - this is both a bug report and feature request.)

  1. If you stop the currently playing track using the KEF remote pause/play button, the track stops but the Roon control app generates a “Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device”. On the flip side, the pause/play does not play/start a track at all (nor is there any message).

It would be great if pause/play functionality from the remote would work. A+/DLNA/tidal integration has this ability - both pausing and restarting current track.

  1. Even better would be if previous/next track buttons on the remote worked (But they don’t work with A+/DLNA either so not getting my hopes up there).

I moved this into the support thread as this does seem like a bug report. @support

I cant split it to move the other half into the feature request thread, but I am sure someone will come along to do that.

We looked at this, and there were some technical limitations that made this unworkable, sadly.

Ok thanks. Are you referring to previous/next track or play/pause?