LS50W Roon 1.5 and MQA?

Pretty awesome Roon update :slight_smile:
With the direct Roon to Kef integration will we be streaming the first MQA unfold from Roon to the Kefs or will the Kefs internal dac interfere with or not pass MQA?

Hello @DarwinOS,

When using the KEF streaming integration in Roon, MQA content will be decoded with Roon’s Core Decoder, meaning that your KEF will be receiving either a 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz high resolution stream.


Perfect, thanks much!

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This means: The best setting for the LS50 MQA-Capabilitys is “NO MQA-Support” and the MQA-Core-Decoder-Switch is ON?

Even if I can switch the MQA-Capabilitys of the LS50 to “Decoder”, “Renderer” or both…?

Hello @Klaus_Kleber,

Yes, that’s correct.


Where is this setting?

@DarwinOS Device setup, with the LS50W zone selected, go to the speaker icon bottom right, then select the gear icon, then device setup.

Thanks very much.

This may be a noobie question, but will Tidal sound quality via Roon Core (doing the MQA decoding) to LS50W vs streaming to the LS50w via the KEF Stream app (hifi quality selected) be higher fidelity?

Having MQA Core decoding is likely to sound better than no MQA decoding.

I do this. Sound very good and no way I could use the kef stream app over Roon with its feature set including a range of DSP options as well as MQA

Others seem to find MQA offensive I reckon in the main it sounds great :+1: