LS50W - Volume Control via ALSA

A little confused on what the best practice for volume control is here. Roon Core is on DS1019+, laptop via ethernet, connected to LS50W via USB using alsamixer (this will be replaced with a Raspberry Pi 4 at some point).

For volume control, options are DSP Volume, Device, and Fixed. Device volume seems to just control the volume slider on the PC, and not the LS50W, and I can still adjust the volume in the KEF app separately. Is there a functional difference between DSP Volume at 0db and Fixed? Which setting should I use in this scenario to sent the “bit-perfect” sound to the speakers?


I use Device volume. When I control the speakers through the remote control I can see the volume go up or down on any device (PC, Ipad, Iphone) that I have open at the time. I don’t use any actual wireless streaming with the LS50W, only Ethernet connections.

I have run into occasional problems with the volume control read out (just visuals) not going up or down. It usually means my computer has an update and things are getting a bit sketchy. Updating solves the problem or at worst unplug everything and reconnect.