LS60 unable to use DSP upsampling

My Roon core is installed on an i7 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD pc with Win 11. DSP works well on my KEF LSX II (I’m able to use Roon’s DSP to upsample my 16-bit 44.1k files to 96k or 192k), however, when I use the same settings on my KEF LS60, the songs are failed to play and always skipped to other songs(eventually all skipped and stopped). Do anyone experience this and how can I solve this? Thanks so much.

Hi, Jason.

I can’t give you a direct answer but I just did a bit of testing to give you a couple of additional data points.

I have two pairs of LS50 IIs. One with a wireless interconnect, one wired. When using a wireless interconnect, the LS50 IIs will internally downsample to 96kHz. Wired supports up to 192kHz.

I enabled DSP upsampling for 44.1kHz → 192kHz on each of these zones and played a local FLAC file. Signal paths are below. There were none of the playback issues you described.

So I can’t replicate your issue but at least you now know that the issue doesn’t seem to occur on either the LSX IIs or the LS50 IIs. I hope you figure it out.

@Jason_Mak, how are your LS60s connected to the network and to each other (per @gTunes note), and the same questions about your LSX IIs?

Thanks @Robert_F @gTunes so much, the problem is fixed finally when I use cable LAN connection for LS60 and LSXII. I made this simple mistake… :roll_eyes: and it’s solved now, the sound are great for both, thanks again.

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