Ludwig van Beethoven and Alicia Keys

Listed under the works of Ludwig van Beethoven is Alicia Keys track “Piano & I” from the album “Songs in A Minor”.

Thanks for the report, but this one you’ll have to take up with AllMusic. This is a funny case, as Alicia Keys is likely to be highly regarded by our database since she’s so notable, and obviously Beethoven will be highlighted as well.

Roon identifies searches your library and identifies times when notable performers have covered the work of notable composers. It may seem more obvious when it’s a Bob Dylan or a Beatles cover, but in this case a notable performer combined with a notable composer is going to be highlighted.

I need to go give this song a listen :wink:

Thank you for your reply @mike I shall listen to that track again and see if I can spot the Beethoven in there :smile:

Oh yeah it is in the beginning. Very obvious hahahahaha

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