Lumin Amp: Dual Mono? Stereo?

The title pretty much says it all:
What is the difference between Dual Mono and Stereo mode with the Lumin Amp?
I had supposed these terms would be synonymous for such a design, but there are obviously 3 positions (Bridged, Dual Mono and Stereo) for the mode switch. What are the differences? (well - Bridged is obvious …)

When you use one Lumin amp, you need to use the default Stereo mode.

When you use two Lumin amp units, you can choose to use Dual Mono (one Lumin amp for left, the other for right) or Bridged. With hard to drive speakers, I expect people to use Bridged mode.

OK, thanks!
So for me it will be Stereo, since I “only” have one Amp for now.
But I still don’t really get the meaning of double mono … If 2 Amps drive a stereo system, wouldn’t they be bridged?
So my new question is: What is the difference between Bridged and Dual Mono?
Or what I am not getting here?

BTW: Amp is a REALLY impressive machine!!
I could not hook it up yet since it came in from the cold, but: Wow!

In dual mono one 2-channel (stereo) amp is used for the left channel only and the other for the right. This would allow you to bi-amp. Bridging combines a single 2-channel amp into one channel.

Thanks for the explanation.
But I am still confused.

Stereo means two different channels: Left and right.
Dual Mono means two different channels: Highs and lows.

Or does Dual Mono mean bi-amping without an active crossover? But even then: What is the difference from the point of view of the Amp?

I am sorry if I keep on insisting - it drives me nuts to not understand the concept :see_no_evil:

Almost … it is one channel with the highs and lows provided by amp, i.e. both channels recieve the same input. Bi-amping makes the crossover redundant; the speaker has 4 terminals with the jumpers removed.

In contrast, bridging combines the output, i.e. increased power and lower impedance (for hard to drive speakers.)

Ok, thanks. I think I begin to get it.

So basically, a Y-cable that splits the input from one channel (lets say left) of a streamer/pre-amp to both channels of an amp in stereo-mode (feeding the left channel of a system) would be functionally same as dual mono?

Thanks for your patience!

Except the splitting/ bridging is done by the amp in this case. So, left channel goes to one physical amp and the right to another.

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Alright, now I finally get it.
Thanks very much!

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With two units of Lumin AMP:

In Bridged setup, you connect only two (not four) speaker terminals which are labeled Bridged + - in the back of each of the AMP to each speaker. You get quadruple power this way for high end speakers.

In Dual Mono setup, for each AMP you connect one pair of speaker terminals to the HF, and another pair to the LF of each speaker. You do not need to use a Y cable for the input signal because the signal is internally sent to both amplification sections.

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