Lumin app issue

Been using the Lumin app instead of roon recently. Yet when I add an album to the playlist it plays 2 songs and stops. Entering the album to the playlist shows all songs, but when stopped only the first 2 songs remain in playlist. The app is up to date.

What is happening and how can I fix this/what do I do wrong?

Please power cycle everything, including the Lumin and iPad.

If you are having this issue with Tidal or Qobuz tracks, please logout from these services from all apps on all devices, including family member’s devices. After the Lumin hardware is power cycled, then relogin.

Thanks, will try that.

Hi Peter

I’m trying to login with my Tidal account via the Lumin app and can’t get it to work.

So I’m using a Melco N100 and have Minimserver 2 installed on it. On the lumin app, I can select the minimserver library and can control the zone. The n100 is attached via USB to a ifi neo dsd dac.

So the only problem is that it won’t load my tidal account. When I enter my credentials, nothing happens. I dont get a message of any kind. Nothing happens.

Im out of ideas.


Lumin app Tidal function only works on Lumin hardware.

If you have Tidal login issue, please make sure you update both the Lumin firmware and Lumin app to the latest.

Ok thanks.

@wklie Hi Peter I have an issue with Lumin app and TuneIn Radio. I can’t find all my favourites radio in Lumin App. To be honest I can find only one radio of my library. I’ve tried to re-login but didn’t work.

Please power cycle the Lumin hardware. Kill Lumin app, and relaunch it. In Lumin app, logout from TuneIn, then reenter the TuneIn account e-mail (or username). You can also PM me your TuneIn e-mail and username (no need for password), I can also test it for you.

Thank you Peter. Tonight I’ll try the procedure. If it doesn’t work, I’ll send you a PM with my email. thanks a lot