Lumin app Windows control (not Roon, Audirvana, or Jriver)

Coming from BluOS, it’s very hard for me to be cool with any apps. The Lumin app is good but not great. Roon is ok but cumbersome having to have a core. Is there another windows app that I can use to control my Lumin streamer?

FYI, my angst with both Lumin app and Roon are mainly these two things:

  1. No top songs, roon sometimes offers them but it’s hit or miss.
  2. Cannot add song to your Tidal/Qobuz playlist from the app. This is particularly annoying as I like to add songs to my “Speaker Testing” playlist when I find a great sounding one.

This a a Roon forum. Might not be the best place for that question. IDK.

Linn Kazoo on Windows, JRiver, latest Audirvana Plus, and any UPnP control points including foobar.

In Lumin app, you can add Tidal / Qobuz tracks as favorites.

Then maybe they will update their service and offer this ability like BluOS does. It’s certainly not impossible and Roon being a paid-for platform should be as good or better usability wise as the free competition. They should thank me :wink:

Right I can add them as favorites within the Lumin app, but it stays in Lumin. It doesn’t get added to my Tidal/Qobuz account.

It does. It should add to the favorite tracks or favorite albums of your account.

Ok so when I open the Tidal app, that song will be in the Favorites? But it won’t get added to my “Speaker Testing” playlist correct? If so, that’s making me like the lumin app more for sure.