Lumin D1 upsampling?

I sometimes stream the Radio Paradise Naim Exclusive stream with Roon to my D1. The stream is AAC 44.1 khz 16 bit 2 ch 320kb/sec. Yet the D1shows the blue “lossless” light at it’s output. @wlkie, does the D1 automatically upsample to 1440 khz? I have resampling turned off in the Lumin settings app and the DSP off in Roon.


Lumin hardware does not have a blue light. I guess you’re referring to the indicator in Roon. Please post your Roon signal path screenshot.

Hi Peter, @wklie
Yes, I was speaking about the blue light in Roon.

Regards, Mike

I think the signal path shows whether each step in the music playback chain is lossy / lossless / enhanced. Here the D1 is handling the music data in a bit perfect lossless manner, not changing it to something else. The lossy nature of the AAC is already reflected in the Source, the “Low Quality” at the top, and the overall light at the bottom.

Hi Peter,

I’m thinking off a D1 (which would be my 3rd lumin by the way), 9n the archive page of the D1, under the photo of the D1, it states 128 5.6 mhz. But under the specifications, it says that it has support for DSD 2.8mhz.

So my question is when using Roon, what is the highest sampling rate that would be available, DSD 64 ot DSD 128?

Lumin A1 / T1 / D1 are limited to DSD64 only. To play higher DSD sample rates you need to use Roon DSP Engine to downsample them to DSD64.

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Thank you.