Lumin D2... Could it be a perceivable upgrade in sound quality?

The Core is running on a Win10 laptop with decent SSD and RAM memory but usually on WiFi. The Denon will let me use “multi-channel stereo” or even various Dolby settings for my 7.1.4 speakers or stereo settings for the in-ceiling speakers in other rooms.

Roon does NOT recommend running a Core machine over a Wifi connection.

BNC/Coax is digital… XLR/RCA is Analogue - the former you need a DAC connected, the latter the DAC part has been done already.

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If you’re experiencing BNC silence only for Tidal, check whether you’re listening to Tidal MQA track. In Lumin MQA Analog output mode, BNC output is disabled for MQA by design. However, for your RCA output to Prima Luna, you will need to set it back to the Analog Output.

If you experience BNC silence for Tidal non-MQA but no problem with Qobuz, you have a Tidal bandwidth speed issue or your Roon Core WiFi is poor - the 1Gb figure is meaningless for real time audio.

For your BNC test, please set MQA Mode to Digital Output in Lumin app.

D2 has BNC output for digital. D2 XLR is analog. If you use a XLR to RCA cable for D2, it is only for analog output, not the digital output. So it will not directly solve the BNC issue you’re having. However, if you merely want to connect the D2 to both the Prima Luna and Denon via analog, then yes, you may use an XLR to RCA cable to Denon analog RCA input. This avoids needing to set MQA Mode to Digital for BNC output, and back to Analog for RCA output.

Having said the above, I’d say that unless you want to use Denon DSP for surround upmix, I don’t recommend you use the Denon since you already have the Prima Luna for stereo music.

Lumin supports stereo music only.

Do not use WiFi for Roon Core.

The Nucleus that you said you wanted to buy has no built-in WiFi either.


Great news. XLR to RCA works fine – and surprise, it still allows me to play in other zones and DSP mixes. One other question: I added an external hard drive to the bottom two of the USB inputs on the back of the D2. It shows up as a Lumin X drive and finds an old iTunes folder but doesn’t find any music in it. I think I copied those over as .flac files but it’s been a while. What do I need to do to make this show up as part of my library? Roon sees the Bluesound Vault IP address as my library so this is just a backup and maybe not necessary at all?

Please connect the USB drive to your Roon Core, not to the Lumin.

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Well, I’ll be signing off this thread as I finally moved to the T2. It took me all of a few minutes, comparing a stock D2 to a stock T2 to hear the difference and justify the upgrade. T2 has perhaps even more warmth than the D2, but scads more detail, air, and soundstage depth. It wasn’t close - really surprised me given how much I enjoyed my D2, but perhaps not surprising as my system has been significantly upgraded in the time I’ve owned my D2, and it felt like a digital upgrade was warranted.

I was hoping the differences would be smaller, especially vs the D2 with Sbooster, but Peter was dead right about the T2. I’m going to stay with the stock power supply for now, as I am trading in my D2 with the upgraded Sbooster to help cushion the cost.

Thanks for all the fun and see you on the T2 threads.


Congrats! It’s a phenomenal piece of kit and worth every cent.


This interests me… and I’d welcome the thoughts of others in this thread.

I’m currently Home-Demoing a D2 as a replacement for my Matrix Element I.

Now they’re not vastly different class levels in DAC land but the Lumin felt like a worthwhile step up in terms of build and feature set for me. Whilst looking nicer.

My thoughts here are copied from another thread:

So a few questions here really. For those that have had either of the other options (power supply, or upgrade to T2) can you talk to me about how that went for you.

Does a new PSU in the D2 wake it up a bit? Did you feel it brought any tangible improvements in bass weight, impact and speed. How about soundstage?

To those that went T2, did you feel you kept the glorious smooth midband and sense of ease that the D2 had, but gained any of what I feel is missing?

It’s this that makes me wonder about just taking the plunge on the D2 and tweaking it. In factory form, it’s not quite doing it for me. But I also don’t want to invalidate the warranty on a brand new streamer. T2 is tempting, but would require some serious financial magic to achieve at the moment.

While I can’t say whether you’ll like the change from the D to T series (everybody has different tastes), every time I’ve moved up the Lumin line, it’s been worth the upgrade. I’ve gone from D2 to T2 to X1 and haven’t regretted it…only wish I started with the X1 to begin with (would have saved the time and money of upgrading.) :slight_smile:

As far as messing with the factory configs…others may disagree, but I’ve often found that we hear what we want to hear. There’s nothing wrong with the stock builds, and I for one would rather just put the money into the next unit up the chain rather than messing with trying to make the one below sound better with tweaks and hacks.


I guess my concern is that the T2 is a completely different architecture from the D2… so the sound may not just be “better” but may also be “different”.

I’m not looking for a huge amount of different, just more of the same.

In an ideal world, i’d like the smoothness and warmth of the Lumin, with the impact and depth of my matrix. But if i had to choose, I’d keep my matrix at the moment. The lumin is just a bit too soft and shy in the bass.

I’d say that they are definitely in the same family, but I found the T2 was “brighter” than the D2.

@David_Crosbie1 - I should probably note that my comments on the other thread you linked to refer to my D2 with SBooster and Power of 2 upsampling in Roon. I would suggest at least playing with the upsampling whilst you have the unit.


I did try upsample to dsd64 and didn’t feel it brought what i wanted from the unit. Neither the bass heft or imaging depth were present.

FWIW my preference has generally been for PCM over DSD with this unit…obviously this is very subjective (and I know contrary to some others’ findings)!

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Can you send me your roon settings for the D2? And I’ll give it a whirl



Where do I find that screen? All I see is

It’s in the DSP settings but I think you might need a tablet or desktop to see the full options.


Very reassured by this…also in NZ with a D2

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