Lumin d2 issues

Hi, my d2 has been working perfectly with roon and the Lumin app until today. It did a firmware update and is now sluggish to respond to roon and skips tracks. The lumin app on my tablet can’t find the d2 now…but my phone app can!
I’ve rebooted the d2, the dedicated Linux roon server and the router. All connections are ethernet.
Any thoughts?

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Peter is the expert and he frequents the forum.

Please power down your whole network including WiFi router, access points, powerline network adapters, Roon Core, Lumin, iPad, iPhone, etc. Power up the WiFi router, wait for 5 minutes, then power up everything else.

If it does not solve the problem, please use Lumin app to bring up About of Lumin D2, then factory reset the D2.

Please confirm you meant you updated the firmware for Lumin D2 (as the current firmware was released 6 weeks ago), not updated Roon. For the latter case, check whether Roon has finished re-analyzing your library.

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Hi Peter, thanks for the quick response. I seem to have solved the roon issue…reboted everything as suggested…no improvement. Moved the roon core to my desktoppc…and roon works fine. I suspect the network card in my lenovo roon core was faulty.
As for the firmware…it was the d2s firmware…I just hadn’t used the lumin app in ages. Still can’t find thed2 with my android 5ablet despite rebooting tablet, reinstalling lumin app etc. However my android phone finds it as does my old ipad…strange!
Hopefully all will be well now…thanks again.

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Spoketoo soon! Now my core is invisible to both my ipad and android phone.
Lumin app works well but cant get the Lumin D2 to be visible to Linn Kazoo

If this happens with two different computers (Lenovo laptop(?) and desktop), your network infrastructure has a configuration or is faulty - this usually means the WiFi router / AP / switches / powerline network adapters.

Please describe your network structure, and the brand / model of WiFi router / AP / switches / powerline network adapters.

Hi Peter,
Network is Ethernet. A switch in the office which has the win 10 pc, Nas drive and network printer. This goes to a switch via cable in the hall. This switch is a good quality Linksys one which has 3 connections to various places around the house and one into the router. The connection to the D2 has no switch as it is the only connection at that access point.
The win10 pc has the room server on it. Roon has permission wrt the firewall.
The previous computer was a little Lenovo think centre which was running Ron server on snake oil OS. This latter set up was great until a few weeks ago it started doing part way through songs ( Qobuz or local)
I moved the core to the win 10 machine… And this worked well with no problems until today… It works fine if you select music from the computer but the remote access won’t find the core.
Any ideas?

I would turn of the windows firewall while troubleshooting…just to be sure its not that.

also Lumin app must enable roon in the settings.

I dont understand there being no switch to connect the D2…what access point?

I’m unafraid that’s unclear, in the sense that from the text one would not be able to construct a diagram that shows how everything are connected. Please clarify the brand and model of router and access point, and how the access point is connected to the switch and router, and what the D2 is connected to (access point?). By “office” do you mean this is at your workplace (that would imply the use of a corporate router that complicates things instead of a consumer router)? Or it is merely a room in the “house”?

Have you tried power cycling everything on the network, including the router, switch and access point, Roon Core, Lumin, iPad?

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Yes sorry I will try to simplify.
Win 10 pc is core -----> dlink switch in home office------>linksys switch ------> D2( the D2 is connected directly to the Linksys)
The linksys switch is also connected to the modem/router (Generic one supplied by EE)

I have had a walk around the house power cycling.

All fun
did manage to connect the ipad for a few minutes and is gave me this wifi address for roon which I guess is wrong ::ffff:192. etc

If you’re still having discovery issue (not seeing Roon or Lumin), please disable Windows firewall, then power cycle the whole network starting from the router, linksys switch, dlink switch, Roon Core, Lumin, tablets, etc.

If it’s still problematic, we’ll have to look at the router settings for multicast / IGMP / isolation, or suspect a switch is dying.

Thanks Peter.
As discussed on my support thread it looks like the issue is with my router which is notorious for flakey uPnP implementation. Once i had cycled the upnp setting off and then on again it works fine.
Ps can i just say how impressed we are with the Lumin remote…what a very tactile bit of kit…cant waitbto see what you guys do with the number pad!

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