Lumin d2 or Lumin U1 mini

Hello i have question i have dac Denafrips Pontus. Amp is unison unico primo.

I want to buy streamer to Tidal. I want to buy
lumin D2 or lumin U1 mini.

And want to connect him to denapris

The qualitty of sound will be the same on Lumin d2 and U1 mini??

I often changing DACs, so if i sell and stay with nothing for some time i can use that in Lumin D2 for short time

I want only to have better sound (With external DAC)
i dont care about the sound of dac of Lumin D2.

The performance will be the same with external dac with D2 and U1 mini ?



For connection to external DAC, use U1 MINI. It will be better.