Lumin D2 or Matrix Audio X-SABRE Pro

Looking at the D2 and also Matrix Audio X-SABRE Pro which are in the same price bracket. Any views / opinions on here?

Other than looking at the price point and features, you may want to do some exploration of the software.

I am not very familiar with the Matrix Audio products, but have recommended them a few times.

I am quite familiar with Lumin, and their products are compatible with a large number of apps and different types of source setups, and they are constantly releasing improvements and new features via firmware updates. Plus they have excellent customer support.


I only have experience with the Lumin, so I cannot give a balanced opinion.
But FWIW: The Lumin sounds great, has superb support (also via this forum) and on top of that offers Leedh-processing which in my case yielded very convincing results.
I am (or rather was - I have upgraded within the Lumin family) very happy with my experience.


I have the xsabre pro, but not tried any lumin gear.

Xsabre is built like a tank, measures well, and I like how it has a good number of settings/options. I also like that it has option to use i2s. Downside is it isn’t a streamer and doesn’t have ethernet port like the Lumin d2.

So I think u also need to consider if you want a streamer/dac or just a dac.

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That’s a very good point, I got the XSabre Pro in the end and kept my streaming device separate. Currently running a Project S2 Ultra (posh raspberry PI) and a normal Pi with a USB jitterbug. It seems the Project is providing a better sound, “debately” so though…