Lumin D2 Recommend setting

Hi I’m new to roon and also Lumin. Right now its set up as decoder and renderer. Should I change that? I use tidal and its top package. Anything else inside Dsp? I use its XLR out to my amp.


Some users found Renderer Only to be better.

In Lumin app:

If you don’t need Spotify or AirPlay, disable Spotify Connect or Lumin Streaming respectively.

Disable custom resampling.

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Ok thanks for the tip

And should i adjust the sample rate? Is that a personal thing? Right now its set to disabled. I noticed that when I play around with the sampling rate, I go to enhanced from lossless when streaming my local library which mostly are Redbook.

Is the goal here to get to "enhanced "?


The goal is to obtain the SQ you prefer.

Once your setup is settled, please burn it in 7x24 for a few weeks.

If you want to, you may experiment with Roon DSD upsampling to DSD64. And see whether it sounds better or worse to you.

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Ok, will do

Personally I have a preference with the D2 for using Roon to do PCM upsampling (power of 2) using the smooth, linear phase filter. Obviously this is entirely subjective though. Enjoy playing with it!

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Ok thanks, I will try em all and see what I like.

Great piece this d2. Mine is in silver and it definitely looks the part.

Question for you regarding the D2 and T2. Can I use the USB to connect an external hard drive?

In a hypothetical scenario that the wifi is not working, would having a hard drive connected to the D2/T2 enable me to keep the party going?

Would having the Lumin remote work for this scenario?

Yes for playing via Lumin app. No for playing via Roon.

Yes, but you cannot change the Lumin app playlist with the IR remote. You can only do: volume up / down / mute / play / pause / next / previous / shuffle / repeat / standby.

With no WiFi, you may use a networked computer to run Lumin Android apk on MEmu, Linn Kazoo, JRiver or Audirvana, and of course Roon (not with USB drive connected to Lumin).

Technically it’s possible to wire an iPad (a reviewer did this due to the WiFi allergy).