LUMIN D2 + Roon Nucleus (?)

Hi there,

I purchased the D2 recently to replace the Wadia M330. The LUMIN app’s user interface is excellent and the balanced output further enhanced the sound. TIDAL runs flawlessly.

However, after trying out a friend’s ROON software, the itch is on.

Question is… would I absolutely need a Roon Nucleus or are their other alternatives?


Would appreciate some recommendations.


I suggest you try installing Roon on a computer first and evaluate it.

Then in Roon audio setup, find Lumin D2 under networked Roon Ready devices and enable it.

If you decide you’d prefer to have a more dedicated hardware to run Roon Core, consider NUC7i7DNHE with a fanless case or Nucleus.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response. I guess you are referring to the INTEL NUC7i7DNHE. How would that fit into my system then? Programming needed?

Thanks once again.


No programming needed. For simplicity you can just buy Nucleus if you want a dedicated setup instead of using your existing computer. Since you asked for alternatives to Nucleus, a good alternative is to run ROCK (a special Roon software distribution) on NUC. For more details read these:

You’ll also find many ROCK discussions in this forum.

Thank you Peter. Great after sales support by LUMIN! :slight_smile:

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Sorry Peter. 1 more question. Would a MacBook Air work? Thanks.

If it satisfies these requirements then yes. You have to have no less than 4GB RAM.

Which model (year) of MacBook Air do you have? Does it have SSD? SSD will help with Roon performance.

I think all MacBook Air models have solid state storage (ssd)

Hi Peter,

Haven’t gotten one yet but the MacBooks should exceed the requirements.

Thank you so much.


If you’re planning to buy one, check out the rumors about MacBook Air 2018 with Kaby Lake CPU. When you do buy one, choose the option with the fastest CPU.

Great info. Thank you.

I also have a Lumin D2 and I’m using a Macintosh Air as my Core device. They’re a perfect match as far as I’m concerned and I have no need for the Nucleus. As you probably know, the Air has a SSD drive built in.

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Good to hear. Will explore the Macbook route!