Lumin D2 versus T2


Looking for some opinions on those how have heard both the Lumin T2 and D2. I purchased the D2 and fell in love with it instantly. So much so that I wanted to upgrade to the T2 immediately. I have a demo T2 on loan from my dealer for a few weeks to trial it and so far I cannot hear much of a difference. I have both setup in Roon as separate zones and have been A.B’ing back and forth between them using the same song/album and about the only thing I can hear is that the T2 is a shade louder but once I turn up the D2 volume they both sound just about identical on material.

Obviously I am doing something wrong as many (including well regarded review sites) have noted the major difference between the two. I have them both connected via Audioquest RCA cables into my Rogue Cronus Magnum 3. Both connected with Pangea power cables. Everything is identical and yet I cannot for the life of me discern a difference. I even let others listen and they say the same thing. I checked and both devices are configured to let Lumin do the upscaling as well.

Any ideas?


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If my calculation is correct: T2 will be 3.5dB louder than D2 for the same type of analog output. For easier A/B comparison you may turn on Volume Control and Leedh Processing Volume on T2, then set the T2 to volume 93 to have similar volume as D2.

Please keep Lumin Custom Re-sampling to disable when using Roon.

Nothing wrong. Audio is setup specific. For now, no need to spend the additional money then. Please enjoy your D2. (I don’t work for sales / marketing.)

Some day if you decide to upgrade the amp, please get one with XLR input. After that, then you may try different source components.


Setup AND Space specific. :smiley:


While I have not heard the d2 next to the T2, I have a D2 and 2 x D1’s and it’s a hard ask to differentiate the sound from them. Specs wise the T2 should outperform and has more features but also uses different DAC chipset too, it also allows one connect an external DAC via usb output too.

One of my most favorite features of the lumin products is the ability to stream from other sources like Spotify without having to reconfigure anything. And the support the Peter offers is also greatly respected.

I would buy another D2 in a heart beat if I needed another endpoint that does it all.


Thank you Peter. I will try the things you suggested and see if that makes a difference. And yes XLR is on my short list of “must haves” for any new amp, but that’s a purchase for much further down the road. May I say that both of these units (D2 and T2) are fantastic and have placed my VPI Prime Scout/2m Black vinyl rig in the backseat. The open and detailed holographic soundstage these Lumin units create is truly superb and I have heard nothing like it up until this point. Add to that tremendous bass and a very vinyl like sound and one must say Bravo to the Lumin team!