Lumin D2 with DAC

I have been using D2 for 1.5 years, I decided to try it with a DAC, so currently I use D2 with Shiit Yggdrasil, connected via Digital BNC cable.

Sound quality improved, and I like the result.

One question though: my DAC does not support DSD, but when turn on DSD upsampling in Roon, DAC still handles it as 192khz audio. Moreover, when DSP with DSD upsampling switched on, I can listen to DSD files on my disk. When i turn off DSP, DSD files are not listenable.

Question is: does Lumin decodes DSD to PCM on the digital output level? If yes, why DSD files can only be played with Roon DSD upsampling turned on?

As for SQ, I don’t hear a difference between PCM upsampling and DSD upsampling, which is logical under current setup. I just don’t understand on which level DSD is converted to high res PCM

Also, would it makes sense for me to move to U1 mini and sell my D2 since I use external DAC? Or D2 as good as U1 mini in terms of being a digital transport?

thank you

Sell the D2 and Schitt and get a T2.


I don’t understand why you’re using the Yggi instead of the balanced outs on your D2. Just plug the D2 into a different set of inputs on your preamp and you’ll find the Yggi is redundant.

this is not true, I used D2 alone for more than a year, it has a great warm sound but lacks layers, detail -and naturalness if you compare it to Yggy.

May be T2 sounds better than my setup, and T2 is the next option I am thinking, but would be great to hear from anyone who owned Yggy and switched to T2.

Peter Lie,

Are you able to explain how DSD files are played on Yggy only when Roon DSD upsampling switched on. And what route does signal goes through in this case?

thank you

For D2: Only when you manually configure Lumin app to convert DSD to PCM, or have enabled volume control with Leedh Processing Volume.

Normally, if you use a preamp, you should turn off Lumin volume control.

If it behaves in an unexpected manner, please use Lumin app to factory reset the D2. Then turn off Volume Control.

U1 MINI is better for connection to external DAC.