Lumin D2 with Gato Dia

I have the Gato Audio Dia 250s without network. Now i am interested in the new Lumin u2 mini. It has many connections. Can i use USB ore do i need to connect it trough Coaxial RCA. I really like upsampling to DSD so i think usb is the way to go.

The Gato dac doesn’t do DSD, you are limited to 192kHz 24bit.
I own a DIA-400S and use it with a U1 mini over USB with excellent results.

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When i connect the Lumin with usb it wil give DSD ore am i wrong. I dont want too use the dac inside de Gato.

The Lumin hasn’t any DAC included and so you must use an external DAC like your Gato Audio.
If you want a decoder for DSD (and MQA) from Lumin, you need the D2, T2 or X1, but not the U2 mini or U1.

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The above responses are correct.

Neither, because your DAC does not play DSD.

Lumin can output DSD, but the DAC needs to be able to play it.

Then you cannot use USB / optical / coax.

You will have to use analog RCA input or balanced input (of the amp) from a model such as the D2, T2, P1, X1 (in ascending order of price).

I really want to buy the new u2mini. The only way too go is with coaxial rca ore usb

With a digital output, you’ll still be using the DAC in the Dia and you cannot send DSD to it.

You can, however, use Lumin built-in DSD to PCM conversion. If you use Roon, then you can use Roon DSP Engine to do DSD to PCM conversion instead.

Peter thanks :pray: I keep all this in mind. Green light for me in buying the new u2mini. And yes i am using Roon’s dsp engine. The way i go i trough usb i think

Sorry for my bad english :weary: Not playing DSD i can handle. The Gato sounds amazing as it is.

Peter. i am still a bit confused. The Gato has xlr inputs and outputs aswell other connections. As i read out of your post the best option is de D2 ore T2.

Leon, don’t you like the DAC in your Gato?
Where’s your core located?
Is it noisy due to fan cooling?
If not and you’re controlling Roon from a remote device, you could just connect core to Gato via USB, unless that’s causing audible problems.
Or do you just want to explore options and new devices?

Hi Marin. i am using Roon Rock on a nuc as a core. I do like the dac in the Gato and i have buyed it some weeks back and i love the open sound of the device.

Do you have any suggestions about my setup

Not really.
But I keep as few as possible devices in the signal path, try to make sure their output is as transparent as to not contribute audible distortions and use technically sound interconnects - audio nirvana is as simple as that.
Check out my profile for what I’m using to listen to music…

… and getting your priorities right, like room acoustics, speakers, then nothing for a long time, amplification, DAC, then nothing for a long time, once again, technically sound interconnects …

i just wait on a hopefull reply from Peter in what to buy from Lumin. The D2/T2 ore the new U2mini

The DAC in the T2 is really excellent - this would be the way to go for your setup, in my humble opinion. It is not cheap, but I have never regretted paying out for it for a second.

Sorry Leon, but you got all needed informations.
U2 mini needs an external DAC → with your Gato Dia as DAC no DSD
D2, T2 and X1 → no external DAC is needed → analog cinch or XLR into your Gato Dia and then DSD will supported.
I’m owning an Lumin U1 mini and a Lumin T2. The T2 (I know also the D2 and the T2 has a really better DAC included) will be my recommendation for you.

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Hello Peter.

Have you ever tried Coaxial RCA with the Lumin. btw it’s ok if it does not do dsd but how is the sound. I really wanna buy the Lumin U2 mini but Peter from Lumin is saying that i am better off with a D2 ore T2 but those models are somewhat older. Do you also use Roon’s dsp engine ! There you can do DSD to PCM conversion.

Hi Leon,
I didn’t try the coaxial output myself, but my dealer always demonstrated the mini using coaxial out and it did sound very good.
I’m using usb because the coax input is used for my cd transport.
Gato is coming with a new dac the SDA-1, coming out in November, it does PCM up to 384kHz and DSD 256. Looks like a perfect partner for the U2 mini.

Very nice looking but not in my budget. I wil buy the Lumin mini and 24/192 is enough when you only use Qobuz

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