Lumin + Devialet

I have been following some of the threads regarding the Lumin products and am impressed with the level of support provided by Peter so I thought I would ask this question:

"Is there any reason somone would feed an Expert with a Lumin product vs. just using the internal streaming abilities of the Devialet? "


I wondered about that too, because we had some Devialet users purchasing our Lumin U1 MINI. I was told it sounds better. Another thing is, if you for whatever reason experience issues with 1000Mbps network, using the Lumin will be a fix for that (although inserting a 100Mbps switch is a much cheaper fix).

I have to admit, I’m not one of the users that has problems with streaming or network issues. Everything for me has been stable from ROCK to my Expert. I guess I’m a little bored and looking for new adventures like a new amp and streamer combo to replace my LE200. I go back and forth with my confidence in Devialet but that’s another story. Thank you for your quick response as I’m sure all of your users appreciate. That is why I asked my original question. Regards

Did you end up using the Lumin?

No, I sold the Devialet and purchased the Hegel H390. Couldn’t be happier at the present time, especially if I can resist all the DAC upgrade talk out there! :grinning:


Congrats on the H390! I’m afraid resistance is futile :rofl:. When my H390 became Roon ready, I compared it to my regular setup of Lumin T2 > H390 via XLR - it was not even close.

Are you using Hegel or Lumin volume control? I hate to lose single control feature provided by Roon Ready. I really enjoy pressing play and adjusting the volume from Roon!

I use volume control on the Hegel, as it suits my use case most of the time, but you can use volume control through Roon no problem - Lumin also has Leedh volume control, which I don’t use.

LUMIN - Leedh Processing.