Lumin doesn't show in Audio Zone anymore

Hi, Using Mac Pro Server running in Boot Camp connected to Mac
Mini. All was working fine. Lumin showed as Audio Zone.

Roon on the server was initially set up in Trial version, though I already had purchased a subscription (before I had server) which was operating on Mac Pro 1 (not mac pro server).

Got message from Roon that trial was up soon. I don’t recall doing anything in response. Then later message from Roon telling me I couldn’t have two devices on Roon, so I followed prompt to de authorize one of the Mac Pro’s (I thought mac pro 1) and keep the one on Mac Pro Server.

Now I’m on Mac Mini (and Server) but Lumin is gone.

Please advise. Thanks,

Please reboot the Mac you’re running Roon, and power cycle your Lumin.

After both are booted up, go into Roon Audio Setup, and make sure your Lumin is enabled under networked Roon Ready devices.

We figured out! Thanks for the response!