Lumin Firmware 14.4

We have just released Lumin Firmware 14.4 for all models in our network player / streamer lineup.

For Roon, it shows Leedh volume in the signal path.

The original Lumin A1 was released at the end of year 2012, so it has received 9 years of firmware upgrades, and is now in its 10th year.

This was supposed to be a major release to work with the HiFi upgrade from a certain streaming service last year, which unfortunately did not happen.


That is impressive indeed, Peter, given how much the digital side has changed in that time - congratulations!

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Just checked my Xi Peter and it’s still on 14.3 Tried cycling power to it but it’s not picking up the firmware upgrade for some reason?

In Lumin app, please turn off Firmware Upgrade, then turn it back on.

Hi Peter. I was using the app on an IPad so switched to iPhone and as the app booted it came up with the update alert so I did the upgrade to 14.4 When I went back to the iPad it was still showing 14.3 so I shut the app down and restarted and it’s now showing 14.4…….so all good. Thanks for the prompt reply.