Lumin M1 matching my ATC SCM 11

I have the possibility to buy a new Lumin M1 to replace my hegel H190.
It is new boxed and cannot be auditioned* because of that as it is sold private.
The setup is in my living room to fill it with beautiful background music so focusing more on convenience.

ATC SCM 11 specs

Are there Roon users that can comment on the ability of the M1 to drive the SCM 11s.
Maybe one of you has this combo (or one with the SCM 7 or 19).

* i know i know :zipper_mouth_face: :flushed:

Your speakers require 75-300W. M1 is below that.

ATC as I recall are quite a power hungry speaker. Maybe look for something with a higher sensitivity.

Sure it will work…but will you be satisfied with the results?
Doubtful tbh.
Look for an amp with a minimum of 100wpc for those speakers.