Lumin MQA vs Vinyl

Here’s a comparison of MQA vs Vinyl done by a Lumin dealer:

I find DSD sounds more closer to Vinyl than regular PCM. I still remembered when SACD was launched more than decade ago, they used to demo side by side to a Vinyl, guessed what, everyone is blown away by its ‘analogue’ sounding.

MQA is still a PCM format, still sound like one but better, to me it sounds more ‘organic’ with little or no glares, overall it takes away the ‘hard’ and ‘bright’ sounding of PCM. I still prefer DSD, to me it sounds like a reel to reel analog master tapes and of course Vinyl, it is the closest one can get to an analogue reproduction.


I think it’s great that everyone will be able to get these great MQA files in time, when you consider that audiophile trained ears are enjoying them even if they prefer some other nich (to most ordinary people) format in some cases.
This has to be great for music for the masses and those looking for the extra personal preference found in esoteric high end Hi-Fi equipment.
A rising tide raises all ships.
Thoughts, Chris