Lumin P1 Mini - Chirping

Hi @wklie I’m having a small issue with distortion (almost like a midrange chirping) on playback both channels affected. Powering the P1 mini off and on again clears it but it appears to be consistent with first playback at the start of a listening session.

Have you any thoughts?


I assume you’re using analog output, not USB output to a different DAC (in the latter case, it’d be the fault of the DAC.)

We never noticed any anomaly during playback. Please make sure you’re not clipping your power amp (or preamp if you have one connected). Set analog output level to Low.

If you were using resampling (in Roon or Lumin), turn that off and see if that makes a difference.

If it was in a group, play it individually, see if that makes a difference.

Lastly, try both Roon and Lumin app and see if that makes a difference.

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Hi @wklie I’m using USB to Mscaler/Dave (no Preamp) connected to power amp via XLR. I am also simultaneously connecting analogue, RCA, to the power amplifier for occasional video/audio use and using Lumin app to switch between USB/Aanalogue.

No resampling (Roon or Lumin app) & not using merged zones (grouping).
Analogue output is now set to low, will see how it goes and try both apps if needed.

EDIT. “Chirping” persists

Thanks :pray:t4:

ps. Yet to try apps…

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Hi @PixelPopper , just curious but do you have a surge protector on the mains or a UPS?

Yes, both…

Just wondering if you try a regular socket and see if it’s the same :man_shrugging:

There’s nothing to lose by trying, LUMIN is only on a mains noise filter but I’ll try it later :+1:t4:

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Hi @wklie I’m now pretty sure the “chirping” is not present on analogue at is an interworking issue between Roon/Mscaler/Dave that wasn’t present with the U2 mini.
As mentioned resampling is off on P1M & Roon.