Lumin P1 released....Oh boy

It’s too bad it doesn’t have a Center Channel out. I am not a fan of a phantom center channel.

Lumin products support two channel only. My home setup is a 4.1 setup with a phantom center channel.

I am glad you are happy with it. I find that no matter how much time I have spent adjusting speaker position, phantom is never as good as a prossesed center. It’s close, but as a dedicated hobbiest, it’s not good enough.

I spent a good bit of time attempting phantom last year with the thought that I might retire our 11.1 HT, but in the end decided the minimum I still really enjoy is 5.1.


User (non-reviewer) review of P1:

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A new firmware is released for Lumin P1 - it is now possible to change to digital or analog input even if the network cable is disconnected (with “Network Error” displayed if not in input mode).


Fantastic review! Among the reviewing community, Matej Isak of Mono and Stereo ranks right up there in terms of thoroughness. Kudos to Lumin!


Question regarding P1 connection via HDMI.

If my cable box, bluray player and Shield Streamer connect to the PI via HDMI, and the PI to the TV via HDMI ARC, does the P1 need to be always on if I just want to listen to my TV through its soundbar rather than my 2-channel stereo?

If the soundbar is connected directly to the TV via toslink (i.e. not through the P1), then the P1 can be turned off without affecting the soundbar output.

With HDMI to P1, you need the sources including the TV to be configured to output stereo PCM instead of multichannel bitstream, because P1 and all Lumin products support stereo only, and do not support multichannel codec decoding or downmix.

This may be a concern if your soundbar has multichannel processing and you want to take advantage of it, then you may need to configure the TV to output multichannel bitstream when using the soundbar.

Thank you!