Lumin T1 Upsampling to DSD


I need help determining the correct Roon DSP settings to upsample PCM to DSD256 using Roon since the Lumin T1 is limited to only DSD64. I primarily use Tidal and some other ripped 16bit 44.1kHz AICC files. Roon Nucleus Plus would perform all upsampling instead of Lumin T1.

I am currently able to upsample 16 bit 44.1kHz to 24 bit 352.8 kHz using Roon DSP Sample Rate Conversion, but I really want it to be DSD256.

Roon Nucleus Plus
Software Ver. 1.6 (Build 1900)

NetGear Modem/Router AC1900 WiFi/Ethernet connection to:
-Ethernet connection to Lumin T1
-Ethernet connection to Nucleus Plus
-WiFi Roon App
-Lumin App (Resampling Off)

Roon Software:
-Device Setup for Lumin T1 as default except volume control fixed, DSD set to DSD256, Max bits set to 24, Max Sample Rate 384kHz

Roon DSP Sample Rate Conversion:
-Selected Custom with either 384 or 352.8kHz to achieve a ratio with selected frequency that is a natural number.

Iā€™m a bit confused, do you want to use the Lumin at DSD 256?

The Roon Nucleus Plus would perform all upsampling to DSD256 from PCM since the Lumin T1 resampling option has been turned off. As mentioned, the Lumin T1 is limited to DSD64 max.

Since T1 supports DSD64 only, you cannot play DSD256 without converting to PCM or DSD64. You also cannot upsample PCM to DSD256 for playback to a DSD64 device.

If you like DSD, I suggest you use Roon DSP Engine to resample everything to DSD64 for output to Lumin T1.

Lumin T2 supports DSD512.

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