Lumin T2 DSD512 MQA Roon Ready Network Player

(Peter Lie) #21

That’s not a stupid question at all.

Some Lumin models (such as the D2 you have) support only USB storage but not USB audio output.

Lumin U1 / U1 MINI / T2 / X1 support USB audio output and/or USB storage.

(Martin Kelly) #22

Damn! I knew you’d say that Peter! :wink:
I think my ‘next stop’ may be the X1. But I’ll have to see if the Devil is interested in my soul first (what’s left of it!)

(MACK71) #23

Hello Peter
I still use Android, so I would like to use the new update.

(Roel) #24

The update is available in the play store so it is just a matter of updating the app. I did the update this morning and the app works just fine on an Android Q beta. Thank Lumin for that because the Roon app is not playing nice with this beta.

(MACK71) #25

I’m sorry, but I can not quite understand. Are you satisfied with the beta application on the android or not?

(Roel) #26

For some Google devices there is a beta available of the newest Android, Android Q. Not all apps work as they should when using beta software. The Roon app for example doesn’t run on the beta Android, but the Lumin app does. I installed the update of the Lumin app this morning and it runs quite well. If you are having some issues then update the Lumin app to the latest version.

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(MACK71) #27

Hi Peter
Is the use of the iPad mini 4 relative to other larger models (with a 9.7 'screen) no problem, apart from the smaller font and image?

(Peter Lie) #28

iPad Mini 4 is ok. The key thing you need is iOS 11 for Roon compatibility, and it does.

For Lumin app, the font will look a bit smaller but the album art for browsing can be resized. So it’ll work fine.

(MACK71) #29

I already have a mini 4, now it’s definitely better :grinning:
I have another questionIs ; it possible to play songs from tidal playlists or from own folders (eg from a pendrive) smoothly, one by one without having to write to the lumina list ?

(Peter Lie) #30

In Lumin app, please tap and hold the folder or album art, then add it to playlist.

(Peter Lie) #31

Lumin T2 introduction by Upscale Audio:

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(MACK71) #32

Today there is a very strange problem with T2 when playing Tidal. All tracks that are longer than about 6 minutes and 30 seconds are shortened. For example ; a song that has 12.25 seconds lasts only 6 minutes, and one that has 7 minutes takes about 30 seconds. I did reset the T2 and it does not help. I do not have this problem on other devices ???

(Peter Lie) #33

Roon or Lumin app - which are you using?

Please provide the artist, album, and track name. I’ll test it.

(MACK71) #34

I was out of the house, turned off the t2 and router and hoped that when I arrived it would not be a problem. Unfortunately, I still have this problem. It applies to Tidal on the lumina application and applies to any song longer than 6 minutes 30 seconds
I’m sending you photos (pay attention to the time indication)

(MACK71) #35

I noticed the same problem on xiaomi redmi 4, but there is no problem on a desktop computer and a laptop with Windows 10, also on ipad mini 4 the Tidal app is ok. Does it look like it’s Tidal’s fault? A frustrating problem, unless you contact Tidal’s support ;/

(Peter Lie) #36
(MACK71) #37

It looks like it is a Tidal problem, because I have similar problems on android phones. But when I change the settings of streaming to normal (off masters or hifi) then the problem disappears (Internet problem?) However, there is no problem with the songs in the Masters quality at all. It’s absurd … I reported the problem to Tidal … I’m waiting :wink:

(Peter Lie) #38

I also sent an e-mail to Tidal.

(MACK71) #39

ok, thanks

(MACK71) #40

Technical support from Tidal has solved the problem :grinning:
Thank you Peter and John for your help and interest.
Have a nice day :wink: