Lumin T2 or Lumin A1

The lumin T2 is newer but cheaper new. The A1 is older but way more expensive. Used prices are pretty similar. I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with both units.

Get the new T2. It replaces the A1.

It might also be dependent on what DAC chipset you might like best. ESS is not everyone’s cup of tea. I like the Wolfson sound, and have 2 x D1 and a D2, but I do have other non Lumin ESS devices too.

I can certainly respect people’s love for Wolfson sound. We started Lumin using it in 2012, after all.

There have been some concerns of SQ from Lumin customers who wondered about migrating from Lumin Wolfson to Lumin ESS ES9028PRO / ES9038PRO. But so far, everyone’s report (mostly from D1 / D2 to T2) seen by me are positive. No one reported negative SQ change to me after doing this migration, although this is not just about the change in DAC chip, other than the SMPS everything else is improved - in particular, the analog output stage and new clocking system originated from X1.

So, Peter, you’re saying the T2 has the superior analog output stage and new clocking system?

Yes, along with other improvements.