Lumin T2 or Lumin A1

The lumin T2 is newer but cheaper new. The A1 is older but way more expensive. Used prices are pretty similar. I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with both units.

Get the new T2. It replaces the A1.

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It might also be dependent on what DAC chipset you might like best. ESS is not everyone’s cup of tea. I like the Wolfson sound, and have 2 x D1 and a D2, but I do have other non Lumin ESS devices too.

I can certainly respect people’s love for Wolfson sound. We started Lumin using it in 2012, after all.

There have been some concerns of SQ from Lumin customers who wondered about migrating from Lumin Wolfson to Lumin ESS ES9028PRO / ES9038PRO. But so far, everyone’s report (mostly from D1 / D2 to T2) seen by me are positive. No one reported negative SQ change to me after doing this migration, although this is not just about the change in DAC chip, other than the SMPS everything else is improved - in particular, the analog output stage and new clocking system originated from X1.

So, Peter, you’re saying the T2 has the superior analog output stage and new clocking system?

Yes, along with other improvements.

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Peter is the T2 analog output stage better than that in the previous A1? I am not an expert whatsoever, but looking to the X1 and A1, got the impression that the Lundahl output transformers were used in the best Lumin products, including the discontinued A1 and the current X1. However, these Lundahls are not present im the T2, which gave me the impression the T2 would not be better than the A1, as btw its price suggests.

Can you please give more specific details on the comparison between T2 and A1? I am actually now considering a T2 instead of a U1 Mini + Auralic Vega dac, but got worried about some “downgrading” of components vs the A1.


T2 is better overall despite the lower cost, and A1 has been discontinued for years.

T2: New and improved CPU, new and improved analog output stage, new clocking system, DSD512 vs DSD64, ability to output USB audio to external DAC, ideal Leedh Processing Volume implementation, etc. Sounds more neutral.

A1 can sound warmer and more analog though.

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I was referring specifically to the output stage, which in the A1 seems more similar to that of the X1 (with Lundahl output transformers) than to that of the T2 (without those).

Maybe this means the X2 will not have Lundahl? :slight_smile:

In terms of the circuit, T2 has the X1 analog output stage but with the Lundahl removed.

Happy to confirm that the T2 analog output stage (XLR in my case) sounds fantastic. Nobody should have any qualms about getting a T2 - this is a seriously good piece of kit that has been transformative in my system. The sound is rich and deep with fantastic clarity (with no harshness), instrument separation, and the ability, with the right source material, to create an amazing 3-D soundstage. It looks pretty good too :sunglasses:


Yeah my T2 has really impressed me. I agree with your notes about the sound.

I use the XLR out to my Luxman 550axii. What amp are you using with the T2?


I’m using a Hegel H190 with Dynaudio Contour 30s.

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Very nice.

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Luxman is also very nice indeed - what speakers? I’d ideally be trading up to a H390, but with the whole COVID malarkey…

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My speakers are Jbl 4367. Yeah I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about Hegel…that 590 has kept me from sleeping a few nights…

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So I always assumed that the t2 had a digital coaxial cable output. For giggles, I wanted to connect it to my dac…so what is the cable called that I need?


Digital outputs on T2 are USB and BNC SPDIF.

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Check your DAC whether it has a USB input, coaxial input, or BNC input.

  • For USB input, it should work with typical USB cable for DAC or an ordinary USB computer printer cable
  • For BNC input, you need a 75 ohm BNC cable at 1.5m
  • For coaxial input, you need a 75 ohm BNC to RCA cable at 1.5m
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Ok, thanks bnc cable to rca it is